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    is arimidex hindering my gains ?????

    basically i have done 4 cycle first being prop/var second enanthate /d-bol third sust/deca /anavar and fourth prop/oxy's/winny all at average doses first obv being the smallest however i did not run an AI on my first cycle had no issues till i hit pct and then got slight gyno nothing major about the size of a pea and hopped on arimidex and sorted it out, so from then i have used arimidex throughout cycles at .25mg ed but i have never managed to get as much weight gain as i did on my first cycle i gained a total of 18lbs ! and that was prop 100mg eod and anavar 70mg a day for 8 weeks, recent cycles i have not gained no were near as much and last cycle didnt gain too great although it was a lean bulk so wondering if arimidex could be hindering my gains ???? i have slight lumps under my nipples from preveous cycle finished 2 days ago but no biggie very small and not sensitive they seem to go after a while.

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    First cycle is always the best! This could be much more diet related than anything else. .25 EOD may be good enough for you...give that a shot!

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    Taking an AI cuts down on my bloat a lot. It seems like you get less muscle, but really you are just getting less water.

    Agree that .25 EOD might be enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunk1
    First cycle is always the best! This could be much more diet related than anything else. .25 EOD may be good enough for you...give that a shot!
    ^^^Absolutely agree. Biggest gains are often seen with first cycle. Your body is likely getting a bigger dose of hormones on your first cycle than what was available naturally. This will cause greater increases in appetite, growth, and water retention. Eventually your body will adapt to the surge of hormones and the effect diminishes. After a PCT and time off, additional cycles will shock the body again but the returns are often diminished as the body copes in response to the surge of hormones.

    As Lunk stated, nutrition has much more to do with growth, and Johnny is also correct that earlier cycles may produce more water retention giving the appearance of mass but its not true lean muscle - which takes much longer to develop.

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    In the fourth you ran oxymetholone?

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