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    Question on I* Tabs

    OK, just got my post cycle gear, but as I have never seen ** tabs before and I need help.
    None of them have any markings, is this OK. The Clomid are Blue, and the Nolva and Arim
    are white. Plus the Clen are also white with no markings of any nature. Is this OK?
    How is the strength is it as indicated or underdosed? Thanks, kmh

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    Pic would be nice. I know alot of ** tabs don't have markings on them. Their clomid I have never tried but heard of them, I have done their winny tabs 50mg, I really didn't see much from them. but they were blue with no markings on them. Hope this helps, but pics would be nice we could help if we could see what they look like.

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