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    prop/npp cycle: ratio, cycle length and pain (from wc testoprop 200mg/ml)

    hi there,
    ive posted another thread regardin my next cycle, but after reading around, i got a lil confused.
    and before starting cycle, id like you post few more question.

    first of all, i planned to go for EOD injections
    original cycle idea was (3rd cycle so far):
    - cycle length: 8 weeks (+ 3 weeks pct with clomid and nolva)
    - wc testoprop 200ml/ml @ 150 eod (= 0,75 ml)
    - wc npp 100mg/ml @ 150 eod (= 1,5 ml)
    - a.dex during cycle

    i saw lots of threads (here and in other forum) discussin the "best" ratio for these 2 compounds, and also
    read about test prop 200mg/ml to be very painful!!!
    Some people say to go no longer than 6 weeks...

    so, can you please help me to decide
    - 150 prop / 150 npp eod or 150 prop / 100 npp eod? or 100-100, etc.; what is the "minimum" effective dosage for these 2 compounds together?
    - 6 or 8 weeks? i just need to maintain weigth and harden a little bit during the next 2 months of hight prot/low carb diet...

    and will i get (lots of) pain mixin testo 200 with npp 100? need to add some sterile oil?


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    Hey fabry. Member since 2003, very cool.

    There is no such thing as "best" ratio. Lot's of folks lately have been leaning towards letting the secondary compound do most of the work. In other words, a low test base and high NPP. But your experience will certainly vary from others when you consider goals and diets.

    I've never used prop 200. It does sound like it will have more discomfort than the usual prop 100. If that's the case, you could throw in 1/2 an ML or 500mcg of B12.

    I'd run 100 prop with 150 NPP for 8 weeks.

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    interesting... and 100 mg of prop (= 0,5 ml of testoprop 200mg/ml) and 150 mg of npp (= 1,5 ml of npp 100 mg/ml) should dilute prop enought to make it not painful, right?

    thanks again...

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