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Thread: Growth hormone for female after var cycle??

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    Growth hormone for female after var cycle??

    Right, so in a week my var cycle will be finished, I will be stopping the T3 too, stopping the clen and ephedrine too. I will be tightening up my diet more, adding in more cardio to shift fat and then maybe ad in fat burners again if necessary but just want to give my body a break.
    I do want to do growth though, it has been recommended to me by a few people. I have heard this takes a long time to see benefits?
    Can anyone advise dosage and what this would do for me? Thanks

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    Hi Lisa -
    PM sent

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    I dont recommend it unless you are going to try to compete at a high level. My wife ran some for a while, she ended up having fibroid tumors (GH did not cause it) and they ended up growing very large. She ended having a hysterectomy and the doctor said he never saw the tumors that big. Im not saying you will have issues, but the female body is very sensitive to hormones and GH is very strong. Again I wouldnt recomend it for just getting into shape. Just keep grinding at it, you will get there.
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