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    Question need some help .

    hello ! i m new in this forum . i i wanted to ask , what shoud i take during cycle to prevent testicals distrophy and outher sides?i resreahed and am confused some say clomid some proviron , hcg . i can get all of that i just want to know what should i take on cycle to prevent testical distrophy .currently am running sustanon 250 first week ,i will be highering doses next week to 500 2nd cycle .

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    What are you stats? If you are still confused about what you should be taking for an AI and PCT, I don't think you've thought this decision through quite yet. You're really making a lifestyle choice here and you wan't a solid foundation to work from or these drugs are going to be for nothing.

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    what are your stats?
    how long have you been training?
    have you read the education section?

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