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    Which Test to run first cycle

    Was wondering if what everybody's preference is on which test to run on a first cycle??
    I was going to run cypionate , but after doing some more research, I'm kinda wondering if I should run Sustanon instead..
    Any input is appreciated.. thanks

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    Whats your stats?

    Why would you choose sustanon over cypionate ?

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    Run a single ester.

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    i have 0 experience with AAS but i'd go with test E because for a 500mg/week dose you'd only have two pin twice/week, whereas with Prop you'd be pinning EOD. don't know about Cyp though. and from what i've read, as for your first cycle running a single ester is the way to go. so ditch the sus

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    sust was fashionable years ago, but has since lost it's popularity.

    The original theory was that because sust is a blend of fast and slow burning test esthers, then on the original pin in the beginning, the fast burning esthers would deliver a quick jump to your blood serum levels. Sounds great on paper. But for those that had been pinning for awhile, and wanting to pin on a weekly basis, there is no need for this fast burning esther. And for those, shortly after pinning, there would be a spike in blood serum levels. The only way to maintain stable blood serum levels with sust, is to pin based on the fastest burning esther. And in this case, I believe it is prop, instead of ace. this means pinning every other day. A big hassle, especially for those that are simply interested in replacement therapy.

    The advantages to test e is that you can get away with pinning weekly, maintaining relatively stable blood serum levels, and it is very inexpensive when compared to sust.

    make sense?


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    Check out the education section this will help you understand a lot more about AAS,

    Single ester is best for your first cycle something like test E or cyp

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    Thanks guys.
    Makes way more sense to run a single ester. I understand completely where you're coming from. I also was
    Thinking is I was taking sus and had a negative reaction to it I'd have no idea what was doing it. If I am taking cyp or E and have a reAction I can just stop and I'll know what it was causing it.

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    Test e and c are so similar that it would be stupid to say that its not the same.

    Propionate is suitable for a first cycle if you are ready for pinning EOD. I Did it, do not regret it, but if it were to do again I wouldnt do it.

    Sustanon is a good choice if you are looking for pharma grade stuff(it seems easier to find that test e or c.)
    If not looking for pharma grade then sustanon is not better in anyway than simple enanthate .

    Thats my take on it.

    Good luck

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    Test e u can pin it once a week. Or on Monday / Thursdays. It's better if u split it. Since it won't elevated your blood pressure. I remember I front loaded then I ate 2 burgers and got a nosebleed from my bp being too high don't the test. My bp is perfectly normal

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