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Thread: Some questions to answer, please.

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    Exclamation Some questions to answer, please.

    Hi guys, let's get this straight.

    Cycle history
    first cycle was crap (8weeks, started in june), last year almost 24y.o., no anti-e, no-hcg , good pct anyway. Recovered good (didn't do any blood work but I felt good).

    In october I had my second cycle: deca ,dbol (4weeks),test.
    Arimidex EOD 0.5mg
    Hcg during cycle 250iu 2x a week.
    lasted til december, then no pct but cruise at 250mg test until january.

    Started my third cycle: test, tbol, equi.
    Lasted til may (16weeks).. then cruise 250mg test.

    Started in may fourth cycle:Tren , test cycle.. that ended last week.. I've got on the last week a little lump under my nipple, started taking 40mg nolvadex for the first week, now I'm at 20 for 3 other weeks, then i'll see how it is.. anyway it's already reduced.

    Atm running 200mg test as a cruise.
    I've been taking Arimidex all these months at 0.5mg eod, now reduced to 0.25mg eod because i'm cruising.

    Now, I've been reading almost all the thread about the blast & cruise method.
    I was a little bit concerned about the fact that I wouldn't be able to have kids, but HCG and HMG (plus my genetics) dictate that.. I read so many members that got their girl pregnant on heavy cycles.

    I don't really know if I wanna stay on HRT for life, I'm only (almost) 25 years old... I like being big and cut, yes.. but it's a strange feeling, thinking everyday that without that injection my test would be approx 0 (for example).
    Hell, I even think about when I would go on vacation for more than 14days, what could I do, because I couldn't take the test with me on the airplane.

    So, now I'm planning to do a blood work in septmber (it will be 5 weeks after the last tren injection).. but I'd like to check EVERYTHING: liver, kidneys, hdl ecc..

    1.Can you suggest me all the exams necessary to control that everything is "in order"?

    2.Even if I am on a cruise, wouldn't the bloodwork be wasted money?

    3.Is it really worth it, blast & cruise? Or just 2 long cycles a year, with a proper and aggressive pct (nolva+clomid)?

    4.Should I use the HCG on the cruise to give some "inputs" to my testicles, or is it wasted and it's better to save it for the next cycle (if any)?

    Thanks for the replies

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    You haven't taken any proper time off and ran a lot of long cycles with harsh compounds. I would not be surprised if you screwed yourself up for the long run. Come off everything run a proper pct then 6 weeks after get bloodwork. Then you will know what your bloods truly look like.
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    you could attempt a restart.
    HCG blast followed by aggressive PCT.
    Adding medical supervision would help.

    if it works I aould take a proper years off everything(suplement include)

    if it do not works. then TRT for life(dont worry about kids, you will still be able to have some)

    ask about Nebido.
    1 injection every 3 months.

    Good luck

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    I agree on running a full pct and then levelling out on nothing before jumping back in fresh

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