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Thread: Advise - MSTEN/TREN cycle!

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    Question Advise - MSTEN/TREN cycle!

    Current stats
    Age 25M
    Height 6'0
    Weight 195-200; I liike Bojangles gtfo me!
    BF 7-9%; would be lower if i actually did cardio on a regular basis...

    This is not my first cycle, ran EPI2A3A last year around this time and it went well.

    Goals: To gain 15-20lbs of solid lean muscle. I gained close to 25 on epi, lost most due to not being in gym for 6 months - torn hamstring, grrr!

    I need some advice from individuals who have ran Assault Labs MSTEN and/or Assault Labs TREN Attack either separately or stacked (preferably).
    My initial thoughts were to run MSTEN 16mg/16/16/20 (4 WEEKS) then TREN 60mg/60/60/75 (4 WEEKS), thought process was to gain mass first 4 weeks then cut the 2nd. Then PCT.
    Now im thinking of maybe running a shorter overall cycle but stacking the two together for a total of about 5-6 weeks, then PCT.

    On cycle supplements
    Assault Labs Estro Strike (during MSten)
    SNS Inhibit-P (during Tren)
    Assault Labs Blockade
    Himalaya Livercare
    Aegis (TUDCA) on hand (will run till out, only about 20 left)
    Animal Pak
    Animal Flex
    Fish Oil

    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    Vital Labs Post Cycle 3x (PCT)
    Himalaya Livercare
    Animal Pak
    Animal Flex
    Fish Oil

    I'm one of those lucky mesomorphs that can kinda do whatever he wants in regards to food, i'll probably eat a little cleaner just so i feel like i got the most out of my money LOL! I will be increasing my calories and protein though. Maybe a few more carbs before workout as well; just have to see how i feel. I do drink on the weekends but probably will not while on cycle cause i like my liver...

    ***Big question is if someone can please throw out some pro's and con's to the two PH layouts. Either the 2 completely separate; 1 right after the other, 8 weeks total then 4 weeks of PCT. Or, stacked together for a shorter overall cycle. Also would love some input on if I should be running Estro Strike and Inhibit-P the whole cycle. Personally i would like to run the 8 week cycle but that may not give me the best results so i am completely open to suggestions.***

    Can't thank you guys enough!

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    If it was given to me I would throw them away. I definitely wouldn't give them to anyone I care about in any way. IMO PH suck and are worse than aas in the risk factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovbyts
    If it was given to me I would throw them away. I definitely wouldn't give them to anyone I care about in any way. IMO PH suck and are worse than aas in the risk factor.
    x2 +1

    PH = shat

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    When i took a PH and i had no idea what i was taking but the guy at the nutrition store told me 'you'll put on 10lbs in 4 weeks" it was OTC so it couldn't be a steroid and it can't hurt me i thought.. Well was i wrong.. I did gain 10lbs in 4 weeks but 2 weeks later i felt like sh*t. I started gaining fat like crazy and i felt tired all the time. 4 weeks after my PH was finished my doctor ordered blood work.. When it came back my test was in the dirt im talking a 15! He range should have been 300-1200. (took me 6 months to get back to normal, 2 doctors and $3000 in doctor bills) i was also pre diabetic which is really scary because my family is prone to type 1 diabetes.. after all of his shit happened to me i told myself i will learn as much as i can about aas/PH and help anyone that one that needs help with this stuff so they don't f*ck up their selfs like i did..

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    Most likely spent more on that pro hormone crap then 2 or 3 real AAS cycles.
    Not to mention the liver damage from all the orals.

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