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Thread: 2nd Cycle

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    2nd Cycle

    Hi guys, Iím looking to start my second cycle and I was hoping to get a little advice.
    Iím 28 years old, 6í-5Ē and 225lbs. Iím your text book ectomorph, and for most of my life was definitely a hard gainer! Iíve been working out off and on for 10 years (having 2 kids made things difficult to stay constant for a while), Iím fairly lean and strong, but I would like to increase my size in well, pretty much everywhere. Last June I cycled of Anavar for 7 weeks. I started at 40mg/day, went up to 80mg and then back down to 50mg over the course of 7 weeks. That was my first cycle and a bit of a learning experience. Being my first I wanted to try something pretty mild but was still hoping to get the results I wanted, maybe I was wrong to choose Anavar or at least wrong to use it on its own? Either way Iím looking to start another cycle in the next month or so and was looking for suggests of what I should choose. Iím not looking to get absolutely massive, but I would like to walk at 240-250 and be fairly lean and cut. Suggestions and comments are appreciated.

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    Hi, your starting point is here.. Post results in the diet and nutrition forum. Your diet is 80% of body composition so gains are achieved and maintained with raw foods.
    This will help guide you into your first cycle.. Cheers!
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    240-250 will never happen after 1 cycle even if you do it right you might...MIGHT hit 240 at the last week's of cycle. Then you'll drop fat and massive water weight to be like 230-235 depending on diet and training experience.

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    FYI for future reference never do a cycle without test.
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    Welcome your in the right place! It all comes down to diet and training! If your diet is not dialed in you will be disappointed w/your results and the $$$ you put into it! Check out the diet & nutrition section and post up what your eating and you'll get great feedback.... GL OP! Results are made in the kitchen...
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