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    Exclamation Steroid Use & Life Insurance

    I'm currently ~9 weeks deep in my tren cycle and over the past week or two my bp has spiked with a systolic rating of 166. I think it may be a result of ephedra since I started the stack 2 weeks ago. Anyways, I have an old bottle of sdrol I wanted to polish off but I want to get some blood work done before I make a decision.

    Now, I'm from Canada where you can only get blood work with a doctor's referral. I want to get tested for hct, creatinine, HDL/LDL, RBC, etc. I can't come up with a bullshit reason to get these values tested so I was thinking of just telling my GP about my gear usage in hopes he would give me the bloods referral. I know in the States this is frowned upon due to complications with life insurance and so forth. I'm just wondering if the same risks apply to Canadians, I've heard it's different here but thought I would check anyways.

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    I went to my doc, said i wasn't feeling good lately & told her I have been reading allot on how hormones well-being and all that good stuff. Anyway, by the end of it she sent booked me in for blood work and then called me back in to review it myself when the results came back.

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    *************.com is there is a labcorp near you

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