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    What to Watch in Deca and EQ Blood Work

    First cycle was a very short test only. I learned about test flu pretty quickly, and did a miniature PCT.

    Next endeavor is test with either DECA , EQ, or Anavar . I'm trying to stick to introducing only one new compound at a time. I do have caber on hand which makes me lean to deca.

    I'm doing these cycles for an extremely weak right shoulder, which has gone undiagnosable 3 years after a squatting injury. Docs lean towards bicep tendon or labryum issues, but can't spite of 4 MRI's now.

    Anyway, real question is, what should I be looking for exactly in a blood panel. Hormones, duh. But when I introduce Deca and the accompanying prolactin, do I need to be shopping for different panels now? I know the answer is yes, but what exactly?

    How does this equation change if I were to use EQ or Anavar instead?

    Confirm it's not a good idea to run test, deca, eq, and anavar all in my second cycle?

    PM me if you feel that's more helpful.

    My end goal is to get this shoulder back up and running. Deca and EQ for collagen synthesis.

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    well.. any steroid except testosterone will show inhibition of your testosterone level. In this way you will only now that your gear is not bunk. In theory equipose shall increase your hunger and the amount of red blood cellsб however this is an individual thing. There are no ways to find out which steroid you use by performing regular blood work.

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