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    test counteracting dosage for 100mcg t3

    How much test would u guys think would be enough to counteract 100mcg of t3.

    Also what do u guys think would happen if someone's TDEE was 3000 and they dropped 1000 calories and did test (counteracting dosage) and t3 (100mcg) for 4 weeks . How much muscle would be wasted and how much fat would be burned if there was a percentage ratio on them (for example: 25% muscle burned and 75% fat burned)

    This is just a hypothetical question. Thanks boys

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    I think you can not calculate this precisely. Everyone is different. But if the body produce 25mcg t3 naturally 100mcg would be 4x higher. So you need to administer test 4x higher than physiological dose . So 500mg-700mg weekly (higher the better , anabolic wise obviously) .

    This is just my logic

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