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    Red face 1st cycle thoughts/opinions, 21 yo Male

    To introduce myself im a 21 yo make 6'3 and looking for nice lean gains. Not looking to become a massive brick house of muscle but to get low in my BF % single digits; (13.5-14.2%) right now. So I'm gonna take the plunge to hardcore supplements and was originally thinking 1-Andro cycle with Ostarine.
    I've had ostarine with MK-677 in past and it was nice and mild. Want the next step up.
    Yes I do have a nicely balanced diet and good regiment. Consulted by a current bodybuilder for workouts and diet, but i do want others opinions too.
    Do you think this is a good step?
    I had other thoughts of adding 4-Andro because due to lethargic effects from 1 andro, but like i said im 21 and if i dont need a test base that carries DHT and estrogen conversion then i wont, but am unsure. I do want this to be a relatively powerful and noticeable cycle, dont want just mild gains. I know there are risks but looking for the best advised route for a first time user.
    The products of Andro I was looking at is NOT methalyated (not much liver concerns), and its technically 1_DHEA, pre cursor.

    BUT also if the DHT will be drastically less with anavar then that might be a good route cause im prone to hairloss so trying to keep it minimal. and avoid gyno!
    OR scratching all that and going with just Anavar .
    What do yu all think?
    Can't wait for the learning to commence
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    Here is a lot safer route that is still very effective. It may not be as hardcore or a "cycle" but results is all you care about right?
    Thank me later for listening to me or wish you listened to me later, your choice no need to run something like anvar or mk-677 at your age.

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    No oral cycles only.

    Ideally, no cycling under the age of 25.

    You should give these stickies a good read:

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    ^^ agreed - and read this one as well - as it has ongoing case of kids your age/& younger some a lil older but all have pretty much the same problems now...

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