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    Does anyone know anything about 1-AD?

    Or know where i can get some information? Such as dosages? Side effects? Here is a good web site to buy some. Can anyone tell me any thing about these suppliments they are selling?

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    1-ad is not a steroid its a prohormone. so if u put this thread in the supplements forum u would get more replies. but to sum it up its one of the best prohormones out there for lean mass gains without risk of aromatization to estrogen.

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    I know something about it- i know it sux! Prohormones are not all they're hyped up to be. They're not the next best thing to steroids , imo they are garbage. For the price of two bottles of t-bomb ( ? i forget the name, it could be that) you can get a cycles worth of test enathate, and i'm sure you'll like the latter a lot more.

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    I have had great results with 1-AD and 4-Diol stacked. Remember that the dose on the bottle is often half what you should take... this keeps it as a grey market sup. I took about 300mg of 1-AD and 750mg of 4-Diol everyday and my strength went up fast... and I went from 215-230 in that time period as well... over a few months.

    BTW - what's with all the links lately - is this the same person (check the ** addresses )...

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