Well,i'm now six weeks into my cycle,of deca and t400.Strength up,but less than expected,as i probably expected too much..ha!
Still adding weight on the machines,bars etc,but not all.Leg press up 70kg since the start,so happy with that.
Put around an inch on arms,legs chest,and lost a fair bit of fat,particularly around my waist.
No sides as such,and the only problem i seem to be having,is foodwise.I struggle to eat enough good calories.
I've been focusing so much on getting enough protein down my neck,that i'm not consuming enough carbs.
Due to my lifestyle,finding time to eat the required amount of food,is a big struggle,and in all honesty,i'm not
a big eater.Obviously,changing my diet to more healthy,but bland food,isn't going to help,but if i can continue to improve,
then it has to be worth the effort.
My weight has only increased by a kilo or so,and i was expecting more,but then again,if i factor in the fat loss,i suppose it's
a bigger net gain.
The only other thing i wanted to mention,was the dosage of as i'm on.I thought i'd got too much,by buying once,forgetting about
it,then buying again,so i had double what i needed.Since i spoke to my source,i find he'd expected me taking my current dose
twice a week,not once,which explains why i thought i had twice what i needed.Dumb fuck me!
Considered upping the dose,for second half of cycle,but have decided to stick to what i'm on now,see how that pans out,
then possibly upping it on a second cycle.
Thanks fellas,will keep you informed.