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    I have a pharma grade test bottle dated at 04/03/14. Is it still usable?

    I had it sitting in a lock box for an emergency but never needed it. I was thinking might as well use it before it gets any older, as long as it's safe. I'll just use it on top my fresh bottles for the last two months of my cut- normal cruise (250mg/weekly)- so even if worst case it lost potency it won't affect my normal levels.


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    If it's been kept cool and dry it should be good. If the oil has gone rancid you can tell by smell.

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    it looks healthy, guess I'll smell it lol

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    Blast away! I used some that expired in 2010 a while back, lol. No issues.

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    I've just expired gear lots of times.
    If it's pharma gear then it's usually safe.
    I do always smell it before,
    and inject just a 1/2ml sample SubQ in my abs.
    That way, if there happens to be any bacterial growth,
    I have injected the oil depot close to my skin in a place I easily can either cut/stick it out myself or go to a doctor and have it removed.

    One you inject a ml IM then all you can do is hope it's ok.
    (Too deep and difficult to get out, treatment would be antibiotics)

    So use the SubQ method for your first inject to check reaction.

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