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Thread: Tren E and Test E thoughts

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    Tren E and Test E thoughts

    Was throwing around the idea of taking Tren E as I've already tried Tren A and it was a pretty good experience. I'd run it with Test E but I'm just curious on what some of you guys think on dosage. Buddy of mine was wanting to take 500mg Tren E and Test E but I've been reading around that it'd be better to do a 500mg Tren E and 250mg Test E. I will probably throw in some type of oral like Sdrol. What do you guys think? Also, what would you guys do for on cycle?

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    At 20 yrs old I say no! and you are looking for trouble with your body bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songdog View Post
    At 20 yrs old I say no! and you are looking for trouble with your body bro.
    I'm in my early 30s which is still young to some on here and I think it's crazy how some of the early 20s are so eager to jump on cycle.

    I had never really considered AAS until I was diagnosed and prescribed TRT and broke the "injection barrier" in my mind and had seen major changes because of the test. I was about 2 years into TRT when I started getting into AAS. After that I said fuck it, blast off!

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    Marcus knows his stuff. Take a read:

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