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    Pre-cycle blood works help

    Hey guys so this is my first post. Would appreciate any advice or help, Iím here to listen and learn.

    29 years old and Iíve calculated my testosterone to be at 371. Iím based in the UK and it came in at 12.9 (think itís something like nmol/L) by multiplying by 28.8 I came up with the figure 371 ng/dL which I know is the measurement used in the majority of other countries.

    Thatís full test as well I believe, they donít give a measurement for free test in the nhs.

    Whatís even worse it took me practically begging my doctor to check as he said it was unnecessary. According to him, the result is Ďnormalí. I do suffer from tiredness, slight anxiety, and easy body fat gain. My libido goes up and down, itís frustrating as itís mainly down.

    Clearly have low test. Was hoping to do a cycle then afterwards try and raise it naturally after some body composition. If it were to fail Iíd get on TRT.

    Just wanted to know if I posted my blood works on here if anyone could take a look at them and tell me what else might be out of sync. Iíve completed a couple of successful cycles 4 years ago and not touched anything since.

    Iím preparing for my third cycle hence got my bloods done, so wanted someone to look them over who can tell me what I might need to watch out for if I am going ahead with it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Post your complete blood work.

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