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    ADH (Anti-Diuretic Hormone) question?

    Hey guys, I am 28y/o I have been off everything for almost 9 months now, stopped in April 2017. I am trying to figure out when my body will stabilize with hormones. I know the human body is stupid, but I want to push off TRT for life until I ruled out everything.

    I have been battling a frequent urination issue which is my main concern. My doctors have pretty much ruled out everything (which I will list below). Right now I am prescribed 50mg of Clomid which I take twice a week to hope my system will jump start. I was able to get my testosterone up to 460, then I can of Clomid and it dropped down to 265. So now i’m back on it again, to attempt a jump start.

    I haven’t got my ADH checked but was curious if steroids can burn out the Hypothalamus which would create the kidneys to over produce urine. My urine osmality was normal so my endo didn’t feel a need to write a blood order for ADH.

    Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)

    Ruled out:
    Diabetes (no glucose in urine)
    Estrogen in normal
    MRI (unremarkable bladder, and prostate)
    PSA 0.3 (no swelling in the prostate or pain)
    Anal Fissure (causes OAB)

    Still looking into:
    Diabetes Insipidus
    Lymes (going to get tested, I have huskies with ticks)

    Possible future procedures:
    MRI of the brain

    BUN creatine plus ratios are okay, kidneys do not show any signs of stress. My ALT has always been elevated but never exceeding 77 (probably from stress).

    How long should I wait before starting TRT? I have heard low testosterone can cause frequent urination.

    Is there any other tests I should look into or suggest to my doctors?

    I think I have pretty much covered all areas, but maybe I am over looking something? It may just be my Testosterone is very low, I mean I had it as low as 86 back in April 2017
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