Hi am 38 y-old ex powerlifter type 2 diabetic controled by tablets (metformin 1g/ed & linaglyptin 5mg/ed)
my weigh-16.3 stone (104kg)
heigh 5.7 foot (175cm)

problem i have is that my fat lose progres sudenly stop and i cant figure why? so please help

my trannig history - i've lift on & off since 12yrs old
now i had 10year break and i lead my self in to right state
when i start back this january i was 114kg so lost 10 kg in month+
i decided keto becouse my type 2 i didit in past and it was working fine for me

i ran tren and test and loots of other stuff in past so its not new kind to me

my diet - 2100 cal prot 142g fat 156g carb 27g
1) 3eggs 4bacon olive oil 20ml [prot 33g fat 37g carb 2.1g]
2) corned beef 170g sourcut 200g [prot 43g fat 26g carb 3.1g]

3) sirlion steak 120g coconut oil 30ml coffe black [prot 22g fat 45g carb 0g]

4) immediately bcaa 10g
30min later whey prot 30g [prot 22g fat 0g carb 6g]

5) brown rice 20g 3 eggs coconut oil 30ml [prot 22g fat 46g carb 16g]

trening FULL BODY 3 times week
5X12 major exercise 3x10 secondary exercise
no traning days 2h cardio 120hr
traning days 40min post workout 120hr (if i have enough power left)

test e 250 e4d
tren e 400 e4d
t3 50mcg ed
plus lots of vitamins minerals liv52 etc..