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    cycle advice (please)

    Okay here goes, Week 1-10 400mgwk SYD labs EQ.
    Week 1-10 400mg/wk Upjohn Test cyp.
    Week 1-4 25mg/day pink tia. dbol
    have heard alot about frontloading, should I do that with the injectables?
    I am 195lbs., 12%bf, this is my fourth cycle
    Diet will consist of 5-6 meals a day (1 protein, 1 complex carb. 16 oz. water ea. meal), meals will be, eat 7:30am, 9:00a.m =whey and meal shake, eat 10.00 a.m., workout at 12:00 p.m. eat 1:15 pm, 3:00pm=whey and meal shake, eat 5:30pm, 7:30= whey and meal shake, eat 9:00pm, 10:30pm= whey , sleep will be 7 and a half hrs. per night. All in all daily= 250 mg/day of protein, 40% carbs daily, and 10% fats,(like fish oil). The workout will be every mon., wed. fri., full body exercises each day, might be throwin some winni in but need advice how and when, but just looking at this what type of gains should I expect? Could it be better with something other than full body workouts? Have tried similar cycles and am just curious if I can improve results be this frontloading or full body workouts. Please give any comments and advice....all will be very appreciated. Thanks
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    Assuming this is a mass cycle this looks pretty good. I like almost everything. As far as full body workouts alot of bodybuilders will want you to try a training split, (which, obviously, will be effective.) however full body workouts aren't bad and will pack on mass too. Some of my buddies on Cal Berkely's Shot Put team are on a very specific full body workout program and are reporting awesome gains. But it's up to you... On the other hand if you want to pin point some week areas on your body it will be alot harder to do with full body workouts. (i.e. arms or quads.) Also the one thing that really stuck out like a sore glute was your sleep- 7.5 hours a night is way to little. Remember that this is the time when you grow. 8 Should be a minimum. I actually attempt 9-10 when on cycle. Nut

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