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Thread: New to Anabolics

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    New to Anabolics

    I'm looking to start taking Anabolics. I was wondering if I should start with Dbol ? Also a good reliable source. Any help?

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    Welcome, we don't post sources here sorry about that but to help us give you the best answer to your other question could you please let us know your
    how long have you been training?

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    Like Marcus stated, we don't give out sources, but we do try to help people cycle safely.
    Under our new rules, a source's name can be mentioned , but no contact info or lists are allowed.

    Stay within the guidelines of the rules which isn't really too difficult. Here's a link to the rules:
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    Anytime someone asks whether or not they should take Dbol for a first cycle it's a clear indication that they haven't done a single shred of research. These guys have a lot of knowledge and will help you but you gotta do your part bro.

    There's a sticky about first cycles. Read that and your question will be answered thoroughly. If you don't understand something then come back and ask and I promise you'll get all the guidance and advice you'll need.
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