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Thread: Designing a cycle, good libido and low hair loss

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    Designing a cycle, good libido and low hair loss

    Hi guys, 12 year user, 37 6í1 205. I blast and cruise and cruise on about 200mg testE.

    The last year or two almost any cycle kills my sex drive. Even high dose test alone. One of my fav cycles used to be 350 test 350 deca and 350 EQ. I just tried it some weeks back and sex drive was very weak. I hate that.

    Iíve also found tren to kill it and make me sweat like a pig and be a grumpy bastard.

    I am predisposed to MPB and proviron while works well on helping seems to cause immediate shedding.

    Anadrol while causes some shedding fills my muscles up faster than anything.

    I have a drawer of pretty much every substance there is from dragon pharma.

    Maybe I should try a longer cycle? I am also predisposed to sides at lower doses than everyone else Iíve ever met but I get great results without big doses typically.

    I recently tried NPP and loved it but at 125mg a week I was getting welts on my scalp.

    Thanks much!

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    If you have MPB, you're going to lose your hair on a cycle. You just have to accept that. There are things you can do like Finasteride and Rogaine but there's no cycle that's going to guarantee no hair loss. Rogaine will grow some peach fuzz on your head. Finasteride will show down the hair loss but eventually it will shed. You just have to decide what you want more, muscles or hair.

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    Have you tried a DA such as caber or prami while on cycle? The low sex drive could be a high prolactin side. It could also be a high e2 side
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