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Thread: Spouse and steroids

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollowedzeus View Post
    Obs what steroids u use to get b1g? Xx
    Looks like my pm inbox

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    My wife is a nurse and she does my injections, she insists! She was legit upset when I was pinning myself! ha!
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    Best approach is to say your on testosterone and it’s more mild then most. Dont say steroids . Just say testosterone every time it comes up.

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    I had a mechanical injury that was lingering and I told her that I was going to use Testosterone to improve healing. Haven’t started first cycle yet but she was cool with it.
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    My wife pinned me for a while. Alot of these guys are right, they are generally more concerned about the health concerns because of the shit they have heard in the media, which gives them a preconcieved notion that steroids will turn you into a roid raging maniac then you die.

    I would say it is best to be armed with precise, legitimate information to lay out, explain, and re explain. Also the information on pct, safety precautions. Its much better to approach the situation from the point of a knowlwdgeable reaponsible person. It usually calms them down and gives you the opportunity to explain the pros and cons and how your plan is safe and effective

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    Not reading through the rest, sry

    Wife #1 is just scared of me now

    Wife#2 wants me on more sauce & still likes doing my shots(I now think she just likes stabbing me with needles)
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