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    Cycle Assistance - Growth, Eq, Dbol

    8 week cycle

    week 1 and 4 - 2 depot GH shots at same time, 4.4 iu ed for 4 weeks

    weeks 1-3 : EQ 100mg per week
    weeks 4 + 5 : EQ 200mg per week
    weeks 6-8 : EQ 100mg per week

    weeks 1-8 : 40mg dbol ed

    weeks 8-12 - HCG or some other test regen supplement

    I always eat and train on point - any advice with EQ distribution would be appreciated. Any other comments are welcome also, don't ask me to change things around this is what I can afford. Distribution critiques are what I'm looking for, unless it looks sound. Thank you

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    I'm not an experienced as user, just starting my first cycle of test only. That's a negligable amount of EQ from all the researching I have done here. You are at 232lbs, you would just be wasting the EQ IMO. Hopefully some mods and vets will comment. I know you said that's what you can afford but.....

    I will shut up and let others comment and this can serve as a bump to the top of the stack!!!

    Have you already bought all this stuff or can you rework it based on how much $ you are willing to spend?

    Also in this thread you say that you did growth hormone at 17 and will be 18 in six months so wait a minute you are too young...I know you said you would tell me to fuc* off if I said you were too young...that's fine. I really hope some other guys comment :

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    Growth for four weeks would essentially be the equivalent of flushing the money (and I'm guessing you dropped between 400-600 dollars to run it for a month?) right down the toilet, though without the inconvenience of pricking yourself. That's a start. If you haven't already purchased your gear, you could take the money that was supposed to go towards growth and totally rething things, which I think is in order here.

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