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    expiration dates

    I was wondering how long after AS expires are they rendered useless? I have some leftover gear from my last cycle and would like to know if it is of any value or not. I have got tamoxifin that expired NOV 01, omnifin that seems to be FEB 03, ultragon 100 that is AGO 2002, T3-50 that is 02 02, some HCG that is feb 2003, and some clen from 2001.
    Thanks to anyone kind enough to take the time to respond

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    you should be able to use the gear will just be a lil weaker..i think when it passes expiration date it loses like 10 percent of it potentness...but bump anyway!!

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    Yes, that is correct. An expiration date means a product has lost 10% of it's potency. I've also had my dr. tell me its good for up to 3 years! Go ahead, your fine

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    I would go ahead and use it regardless if it has lost potency bc it will do more in your blood stream than in the trash!

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