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Thread: Advice on Mass

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    Advice on Mass

    Hello everyone,

    Over the past 2 years I’ve been on TRT. I’m 35, 5’10 200lbs. Bf around 12-14%
    When i started i was 290ish and 34% BF.

    10 months ago i ran Tren A (100 EOD) 7 weeks
    And my normal TRT which is 200 mg test C which i split up Monday/Thursday, HCH not sure the dosage but i know it’s a small tube i go to .35 and do that mon/thurs as well and i do 1 mg arimidex split into 2 dosages as well

    I am currently wrapping up another round of tren A (6 weeks) oral winny 50 mg everyday (6 weeks) and the same TRT as outlined above.

    I’ve been running those to chip away at stubborn body fat. My diet is super cleaned up. I still have minor setbacks like the super bowl yesterday where i ate crap i shouldn’t of. I never drink alcohol or soda. All water.

    My TRT Place is anal about my bloodwork testing. I must have bloodwork every 12 weeks and for those 2 small cycles I’ve avoided anything popping up on bloodwork.

    So knowing i need to avoid anything throwing off my bloodwork and knowing what i have prescribed what do u suggest i run to put some mass on? any detailed help would be great. Thanks everyone.
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    unfortunately superdrol isnt an option if you need bloodwork to be perfect but in my own experience is the most effective fat loss compound. Tren can be modestly effective.

    Hot peppers man, they force you to drink more water and fill your stomach, great dieting trick. No way in hell to gain weight if you put super hot sauce on everything.
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    He said he wants to put mass on. Deca is great for mass but it will give false high test readings on bloodwork I think.
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    Old school mass...test deca dbol alot of carbs and protein. Simple formula
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuz View Post
    Old school mass...test deca alot of carbs and protein. Simple formula

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    Do people read?

    He wants to avoid high readings so his doc won’t give him the boot. Naturally, you will want to avoid very long esters because they take too long to kick in and too long to leave the body. You only have 12 weeks, so a short ester steroid should be used and cut out at week 10, or 2 weeks before bloodwork. The only short ester I have experience with is test prop.

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    If you're on TRT, just increase your Test to 500mg/wk and increase your Tren to 350mg/wk. Up your total cals to TDEE + 10% and you'll see some mass gains. It's not going to be crazy gains. I'm not a big fan of get huge fast.

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    What specific bloodwork tests are they running? If cholesterol and prolactin aren't being checked then you can continue using Tren and not get false readings.

    If you don't mind marrying the needle even further you can run no-ester compounds like Testosterone Suspension and Nandrolone No Ester (NNE)

    At the end of the day mass is going to be nutrition first. Liek Scotch said up the calories and away you go.,
    It is not heroes that make history, but history that makes heroes.

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    Bloodwork every 12 weeks is really not necessary once dialed in on TRT. Sounds like they're trying to make a little extra money....
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