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Thread: Is it a good idea to cut right after a cycle?

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    Is it a good idea to cut right after a cycle?

    This is my first ever cycle. I m doing a bulk-only cycle of 250sust testosterone . So far (halfway through, I am seeing tremendous gains and almost no fat gain. However, Iím at 16% BF. I want to cut my BF but Iím not sure if itís a good idea do do it right after the cycle while doing PCT.

    I know that during that period the testosterone levels will be through the floor. This is what makes me thing that it will also increase the muscle loss, even more on a cutting diet, since I will lose strength and there is no Test on my body.

    Is my reasoning correct? Or should I [try to] maintain and cut once my testosterone levels are closer to normal?

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    Bad move. You'll lose most of the gains.
    Train hard for about 2 months after your cycle before you diet.
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    No, pretty horrible idea actually assuming you are cutting naturally without any androgenic /anabolic help right after a cycle when you’re hormones are all over the place

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    What Cuz said... If anything you should gain about 1%bf post cycle, continue to eat and train like your doing a lean bulk.
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    This has been a question I've had as well. From the way I understand it, you should keep your bulk/lean bulk diet and training intensity all the way through your PCT as your hormones will still be out of whack and many still see gains through the PCT.

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