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Thread: questions about workout style while on gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cylon357 View Post
    Took me years to discover that technique. Now, I see guys killing themselves with way too many warmups and then saying 'dang, I just did not have my target weight in me today'. Yeah, you did, you just burned up your energy "warming up" too much. Warm up, then get to work.
    Yep I get all thst. And with my normal trainer we do all that. We mix things up weekly. Drop sets, circuit training. Just about anything. With her husband, all he wants to do is low weight high reps. He'll throw in some drop sets occasionally but it's still low weight. Like we'll do 30 rebs on the leg press with 4 plates, then he'll say do 15 more and start drop setting. Pulling one plate off for another 15 and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallowmere View Post
    Nah, pretty sure Lamar Gant comes out.
    His best lifts on the platform in the 132 lbs. weight class:
    Squat: 595 (615 recorded in training)
    Bench: 352.5
    Deadlift: 688
    Dude was tiny as shit, and made even more impressive that he had scoliosis so severe that his fucking back looked like this:
    Lucky for him his compensatory curve was so high and in the thoracic region. Much better for his lifts, but not so much for breathing & aerobic crap.
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    I'll tell you something: Jay Cutler in 2003 after losing MR.Olympia to Ronald Coleman, was training hard with competition paint on his body. Jay was not in a physical fight that day, but inside, he was hurt inside because he did everything that could be done and Coleman doesn’t gain tons of muscles taking the title .... Anger is the fuel to work out hard, the moment of detoxifying the mind is the time for your training ..

    Nowadays in modernity it has become fashionable to train light with moderate to light loads with more repetitions. The problem is that many people enter the comfort zone,
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