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Thread: Test cyp, anavar, clen cycle help

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    Test cyp, anavar, clen cycle help

    Hey guys. Just bought 4 x test Cypionat 250. Wanting to do a small test cycle almost like micro dosing. I thought I throw some clen and anavar in there too. I have about 3000mg anavar and 8000mg clenbuterol laying around. Just trying looking for some help picking the best dosages for what I have. Also a good PCT if one comes to mind. Thanks for any help

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    You posted 3 years ago that you're 35 years old and have done cycles with test & HGH and you're asking how to dose a test/anavar cycle and PCT?

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    Always looking for new information. I'm 39 now and my hgh cycle was set by a friend. That was the last cycle I took and I don't wanna go that hard again

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    Clen is more hardcore than most steroids . My advice is don’t take it. Dangerous stuff, I experienced brutal side effects even at low doses. Albuterol is a much safer alternative.
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