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Thread: Anavar everyday? EOD? Is a break necessary?

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    Anavar everyday? EOD? Is a break necessary?

    I just started adding 60mg Anavar oral pills daily. I heard you should take a break from it every now and then in order for it to be effective. My questions are. How do you take a break from it? Can i only take it 4 times a week when I'm working out? Can I not take it one day a week? 2 days a week? Or maybe, I have to do a complete cycle (6-8 weeks) and then like a month off? I heard that just taking a one day break will be good enough for the liver because the liver regenerates fully in 24 hours.

    I have also been injecting 500mg Test e with 400mg EQ weekly. This is broken up into 2 shots a week.

    Thank you. Please advise.

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    I would personally forego all these variations on when to take it. Taking it every day will be a lot more effective than taking it every other day, only 4 days out of the week, only on days when you lift weights, only when theres full moon, etc etc

    Just do it 4 weeks, take 4 weeks off, rinse and repeat.

    The sporadic use sounds reasonable but you are healing and growing when you are at home sleeping. So using it only on workout days is going to rob you of growth.

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    Orals should be taken everyday. Just pick a part of your cycle and run them 4-6 weeks straight.
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    The most common recommendation is everyday. Splitting the dose 12 hours apart. 9am and 9pm for example.

    Some people choose to do 3 equal split dose

    Either way. It's everyday. Evenly split doses. 6-8 weeks cycle with a MINIMUM of 4 weeks off.

    Also, your liver will be taxed.

    Do not forget liver support supplements! There are many. NAC and TUDCA are they most common. 1g each daily. Split between Am and Pm.

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    I’ve taking Var at low doses(25-50mg) for months on in

    Always with a lot of liver/kidney support - Liv52, a ton of milk thistle & NAC + anything that will wash me out quicker, cranberry juice, lotts of water & now I just added cucumber juice < and, I’m not on any orals rn

    Currently I haven’t found a necessity for adding it back in - so, I might as well let the organs relax & recover for a bit

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    Take it everyday. Most of the magic with AAS happens outside the gym with stuff like protein synthesis even though nitrogen retention you’ll notice the most at the gym.

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