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Thread: Broken arm

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    Unhappy Broken arm

    I recently broke my arm, and the next day surgery was performed to put it back together. It is now in a arm brace and sling. I have been using test cyp for about 8 weeks and I am wondering if I should continue with my shots or wait the 2 weeks until my arm is free from the braces. I guess I want to know if it will help with the healing process or any suggestions on how to help it get better would be appreciated. Thanx.

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    Leave it and rest untill you have got 2 arms to use.

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    I can relate

    Bro, I was confronted with the same problem several months ago. I broke my finger and fractured my wrist deadlifting on an elevated platform. I decided to save my gear, but I still really recommend clomid post cycle. My last test\deca injection was week 6 or so and I starting clomid therapy at week 8.5 if I recall. helped me keep some of the gains. Keep in mind I was unable to workout for 3 months because of the breaks as well as coming down with a terrible case of mono. So for 1 of those 3 months I was eating very little as well (for all of you that have experianced mono you know what I'm talking about). Still think the clomid helped though. JMO

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