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    Would appreciate some good advice

    What’s up guys?
    I have been training for four years without any juice and I think I have reached my potential. I am 91kg and 186cm with 6,8% fat percentage. I am quite big but I would like to get little bigger and more defined. I am thinking about competing where I think I got a good chance to do some serious damage. It is not bodybuilding but fitness. So you don’t have to be huge.
    My training is brutal and I eat and live a healthy life.
    Should I go on a cycle, which would include 400 mg of Deca durabolin for 10-12 weeks? Would that be a good cycle, just to go on deca per se or should I take winstrol , which would start in the 5 week and be 20mg every day for seven weeks.
    I used to have some acne once and I don’t want it again, I am often in the public eye promoting some product so I cant have acne, that is why I don’t wont to go on dianabol or test
    Is this a good cycle and would it promote good growth and would I keep most of my gains. There are no ancillary drugs here on the black market, but I could get my hands on Nolvadex should I use it and how much, should I start taking it three weeks after I stop using the steroids .
    What about detection time regarding deca , is there something that I could use to lower the detection time like norandrostenediol or norandrostenedione but I don’t think it is available here on the black market, is there something else I could use.
    Thanks for the patience hope someone will read this and give me some good advice.

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    I think I would go with the deca but it has a very long detection time up (up to a year) you won't need the nolva with deca it would not do any good. I would still run clomid post cycle though.

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    don't use deca without test. test should be the base of any cycle for several reasons.

    first is your sex life...if you run just deca, say bye bye to your sex life.

    and if acne is your concern, you can/will still get it without test.

    you should run nolva post-cycle, along with clomid. nolva is 20mg/day for PCT

    detection time for deca can be as high as 18 months. if you are worried about detection, i would suggest a cycle of suspension, ending with winny.

    good luck

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    The dedicated one, here's a post I made earlier this month on another board. BTW, I also experienced a pretty severe bout of acne during puberty. However, at 31 years of age, I have not had any problems with any anabolics I have ever taken.

    It's my opinion that a first cycle should have 2 primary characteristics: (1) easy post-cycle recovery and (2) flexibility. Everything else is secondary.

    Why? The last thing you want to do the first time around is murder your HPTA without even knowing how you'll handle recovery or even the cycle itself, for that matter. The best way to accomplish this is no deca , no tren , no 10-12+ week cycles, etc.

    As for (2), once you inject the medication, you can't get it back. If you run into problems, you're gonna have to ride 'em out. However, a cycle that is created with flexibility in mind will permit the user to adjust dosages/compounds and experience the results of those changes very quickly. The best way to make a cycle flexible is by using fast-acting meds and avoiding heavy esterified compounds.

    The very best first cycle that I could recommend using these 2 principles would be:

    weeks 1-6 Test Prop 100mg EOD
    weeks 1-6 Dbol 20mg ED

    With this stack, you can expect to be flying high by day 10- on top of the world - no waiting till weeks 4-5 with enanthate /cyp, deca, etc. If you run into problems with say the dbol, fine, just drop it. It will clear in a couple waiting for the longer stuff to clear. Need to adjust the test dosage, go'll feel the difference in a few days, not weeks.

    Your gains will be really high quality if your diet is in check. Your strength gains will be excellent with phenominal pumps. 100mg EOD of T prop is about the same (if not more) as 400mg/wk of T Enan/Cyp since the ester takes up so little overall weight.

    Lastly, recovery from this stack will be a breeze. The meds will clear very rapidly instead of tapering down over the course of 3-5 additional weeks, further delaying HPTA restoration. Wrap up with a SERM like nolvadex and in 4 weeks, you'll probably be completely restored instead of coming back here 6 weeks after your cycle complaining about erection problems, motivation issues, etc.<--- this is very common on the Internet boards.

    I'm probably the most conservative member on this board, next to SWALE (who's an MD). But I guarantee you'll love this stack. It's not all or nothing with your first cycle. Above all, your health, safety, and sanity should be prioritized over the drugs, especially the first time around.

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