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    Any drug testing guru's out there?

    hey folks,

    I've got a good friend in the police reserves and he's getting ready to join the police academy. He wants to take some t3 and clen to lean out. he's done juice before but is afraid they may test him for it. (I told him that was bullshit). Anyways, some ding dong told my buddy that clen shows up as ephedrine and ephedrine shows up as crank. This is about the goofiest shit I've heard. I told him the tests wouldn't show the t3 or clen. It's just a standard piss test. Anyone know for sure?

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    Unless they are specifically testing for AS, it will not show up. AS testing via the urine is very expensive.
    I have had many piss tests while on and nothing has shown.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel
    Unless they are specifically testing for AS, it will not show up. AS testing via the urine is very expensive.
    I have had many piss tests while on and nothing has shown.


    Agree! They wouldnt spend the money it takes to do the AS drug testing it costs to much and they would have to do each one individually. Which would cost a fortune.


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    he's in the clear.........

    unless your state laws vary greatly from mine....which i seriously doubt they do.

    peace I4L

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    Clen is not going to come up as crank or ephdrine

    It will need to be specifically tested for and wil come up as what it is -Clenbuterol hydrochloride

    It's a popular drug in the treatment of asthma so he might be able to swing that excuse to an advantage.

    Seriously doubt their testing for that though. I doubt even ephedra is of concern to the police force

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    I knew a shitload of guys in the military who were on hydroxycut and shit like that when it had ephedrine in it. None of them ever popped for anything. Including AS.


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    How long does ephedrine stay in your system?

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    Thanks guys for also putting me atr ease cus ive applied to be a cop over here in the uk so i guess i wont get tested then

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    If it did, tell em to run the GCMS on it and it will be obvious it really isnt anything other than ephedrine. GCMS will detect the molecular weight. Ephedrine and cocaine or methamphetamines all have different weights.

    Ephedrine and methamphetamines are pretty close in structure though, but even an IR spec should be able to tell the difference in them easily.

    Basically, no dont worry about it.

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