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    new cycle sus/d-bol alt

    Alright heres my question
    I am going on a cycle next month
    heres what I am planning on
    weeks 1-4 liquid d-bol 40 mg
    weeks 1-8 sus 500mg
    Clomid post cycle obviously

    What Iam trying to find an alternative to sus
    I just want to inject once a week
    and I know it is a dumb move to try 500mg at once with sus
    I here that the sus is a real pain in the ass the next day 2
    So is there something that is equal as effective that I could
    inject one a week possibly
    If not thats Ok I'll most likely go twice a week at
    250mg with the sus
    Its my first cycle so i'VE BEEN researching for two months now so
    I am trying to bulk about 20lbs of muscle
    right now Iam about 6 ft 180
    age 25 took about two months off lifting to try to gain some
    weight before my cycle which I did so
    any help on advice for the sus I'd appreciate it

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    Whatever test you can get cheapest for test. Most likely it will be T-200. If so, get it...and run it at 500mg per week, with your dbol . Injections are not that bad, and the more you do it, the more you'll grow to almost...dare i it?!?!

    Inject 1.5 cc on Mondays.
    Inject 1cc on Thursdays.

    Make sure to have nolvadex .

    Good luck.

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    The reason not to inject Sust 500mg at once isnít necessarily because itís just putting a lot of oil in one spot at one time. Itís mostly because Sustanon is made up of a combination of 4 different testosterone (propionate /phenylpropionate/isocaproate/deconate). The propionate is one of the faster acting tests, which can take effect within a matter of hours and last 3 or so days. The rest are longer acting, which means they stay in the system up to 3 or so weeks after the last inject. The reason for the split dosages is to maximize the abundance of all of the tests in your system at the same time. Some people like the fact that there are always 4 different tests running at once and some donít think that its worth the extra cost. Itís really a personal preference. Itís still a heads up decision as to whether one is any better than another is. I still donít think IMO you should inject any of the other tests less than twice per week. Sorry.

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    Bro I have no problem taking even 750mgs 3cc of sus at once!

    Very little pain if any?

    My first couple of cycles of sus 250 , I shot just once a week.
    at 500mgs It just takes longer to get that build up and even concentration in the blood stream.

    But at twice a week , 250mgs you'll have no problems.

    Are you front loading any of that sus 250?

    because if you choose not to it takes about 4-5 weeks to really kick in, with front loading you'll feel the effects sooner,2-3 weeks

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    i dont think you will have a problem with 2 cc's at once, none at all. a good, cheap alternative to sust, as pappa said, would be t200.

    you would be better off splitting the injections up though. avoid the peaks and valleys that way. keep the level in your body even all week.

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