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Thread: Organon Deca

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    Organon Deca

    Organon Deca has labels with sharp corners, correct?

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    Not being a smart ass, bro.....but truly, "legit" decas and "fake" Orgo decas meet this description. If at all possible, unless your source has impeccable references, avoid Organon deca at this time.

    Yes, there are many Norma fakes as well, however, your chances of finding 200mg in a 2cc vial/amp are far greater with Norma Hellas generics than an Organon. People will try to tear me a new bung hole by saying this, but its the truth. Organon 50's are always legit, but who wants to pay 5-8USD for 50 mgs for a factory original.

    Do your homework, make friends. You can find factory original Norma Hellas decs flooding the US at 9-12USD at 100mg/ml at 2ml vials. They are beautiful. Again, why pay a shitload of cash for Q-tips when you can get the same thing (cotton swabs) for a hell of lot less.

    (Just a side note, the current Norma Hellas "fakes" floating about the past two years are produced in Turkey, yes, and the lots I had tested came in at 100mg/ml!!The organization responsible has ensured that the product was legit but utilized copyright infringement. They used "aluminum heads" rather than factory original "steel based" and used a "cheaper" glass container than the factory originals. oh yeah and they cannot spell 'dacanoate' Pretty smart dudes, and still in court but still producing 100mg/ml "fakes". Check the court files in both countries!!!! I have yet to see a "true" bogus Norma Hellas that did not contain legit product.)

    Nobody knows the difference, bud, literally. Check all the sites you "roam" on a daily basis, they 75% of the time picture the fakes, yes including elitefitness, and a few others more close to home.

    Again, avoid Organon decs above 50mg/cc unless your source has impeccable references. Does yours?? Only you can answer that bro......

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    ok so I guess theres no way i can tell if the deca i buy is real except for injecting it and waiting to see gains


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