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    Pro hormone and steroids side effects the same?

    I asked this question on the supplement board but I guess you guys could help as well.

    Do pro hormones have the same side effects as roids. Lets say I was planning on stacking 1 AD and Nor 19 together for 6 weeks and than take Tribestan for 2 weeks. Would I suffer the same sides as AS?

    For example would these be present?

    1) Bloating
    2) Post cycle depression
    3) Getting bitch tits
    4) Shrunken nads

    Also does taking this stack of 1 AD and Nor 19 shut down your natural testosterone production or does it just diminish it? Will Tribestan for 2 weeks help jumpstart it?

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    yep, and as far as taking prohormones it is garbage...all they do is trick your body into producing a minimal amount of more testosterone ... i'd save your money to buy the real gear bro... id say you have a better chance of getting bitch tits on prohormones then steroids

    i'd advise AGAINST prohormones....

    later bro

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    I made about a 5 lb gain on using prohormones...I thought I would give it a try before juicing.....but from doing both I would defintely not of done the prohormones.....they're too expensive I think I might of paid like 50 bucks more for my complete 1st cycle......and doubled what I gained in 10 days compared to the 3 weeks on the prohormone cycle....just my .02

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    All the sides and little gains,I tried them and got worse sides than AS.I would never recomend them to anyone,I had blood work done after a big cycle of that crap and my whole system was screwed up....Stay away bro

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    I second what the other guys have said. I tried pro hormones before I did my first cycle, and the side effects were much worse with the pro hormones than with AS. Also, I gained basically nothing, and they were very expensive. Buy the real thing bro.

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