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    Prescription weight loss drugs.

    Why use clen and t3 when there are prescription weight loss drugs that are made specifically to shed fat? I'll name a few good ones: Phentermine,adipex,meridia ect. Is there a good reason not to just use those for cutting cycles?


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    Most prescription weight loss drugs work by suppressing your appetite. While cutting you should be cutting back cals already. Whats the advantage. Back in the day I lost a lot on phenfen so I'm not apposed to it thats for sure. It's just why take an appetite suppressant if diet isn't what you want help with.

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    appetitie suprresants wouldnt be a good idea to shed fat unless u want to lose lots of muscle. when a bodybuilder diets (not a typical fat person on the street) he wants to shed fat and not lose muscle. if u arent hungry, how can u eat every 2 - 3 hrs on a high protein moderate carb diet ? i dont know if im on the right track but im just guessing this could be a reason maybe !

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