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Thread: Help with pct??

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    Question Help with pct??

    I am going to be finishing my cycle in 2 weeks. That will make it a 18 week injection period. 750 mg a week of QV enatat 250 for the last 4, 500 before that. I have done 2 5000iu hcgs in the middle. I've been taking 2 proviron tabs per day for the last 5 weeks. What should I take for pct? Clomid, novaldex? and how much...

    I'm fairly new to all this so please don't flame, and I know my cycle was too long, shoulda stacked this and that ect.. but theis is the first time and I didn't know about this board..

    Intoduction--- 6'3" 308 pounds. 270 before cycle. 21 years old, been lifting 1.5yrs now.

    any help is appreciated. thx

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    Two weeks after the last injection
    300mg clomid first day
    100mg each day the week after
    50mg a day 2 weeks after that
    20 mg nolv first 2 weeks after last injection
    10mg nolv next two weeks after that

    Thats what I would do.

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    use both
    clo. 300mg day 1 ,100mg for 10 days, 50mg for 10 days
    nolv start out at 20mg/day and taper down untill finished with clo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WIDELOAD
    thanks for the help... My distributer doesn't have either one unfortunately... I was told of a site which I know not to post.... but could someone please help me locate some??? me e-mail is [email protected]

    I obviously need it somewhat quickly.. thanks for your help.


    Bro, I'd delete that post. Your looking to get scammed. I wouldn't trust people emailing you....Its a no no asking for a source.

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