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    enthanate/ester half life?

    hey fellas...i was just reading up on easters and came to a conclusion, so i am hopeing maybe a mod or someone here advanced can help me incase i am way off base. i am planning my 1st cycle which is really goin to consist of enth at 500 mg a week with dbol to "kickstart" (easy beginner cycle) now if enth has 7 carbon atoms, times that by 1.5 (half life of 1 carbon atom) that equals a half life of approx 10.5 days, Correct? so does that mean i should start my pct 10 days after my last injection? b/c my buddy just told me to wait 2 weeks after last injection for pct. that means that i would have been off by 4 days if i listen to him. i am sorry if i am off my rocker but i am jsut trynig to learn the right way!

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    First cycle with d-bol!?!?! Noooooooooo, just take the Test E. Save the d-bol for later.

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    I think you are confusing half life with active life. It won't be out of your system at the ten day mark. We usually recommend 14-17 days before starting PCT. At that point levels are small enough to begin recovery.

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