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Beginner bodybuilder

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by , 08-01-2008 at 07:08 PM (924 Views)
Let me start by asking you a question, who do you want to look like? A marathoner or a sprinter, if you where to ask both of them what they do for sport the answer would be ďI runĒ but if you look at their bodies you can clearly see a difference, the sprinter is muscular and lean, the marathoner looks like he got aids, thatís a bit rough I know but you get the picture nice and clear.

Why the two different body types if they both run, the sprinter all he needs to do is run a hundred meters in the fastest time possible, itís a short distance so he can sprint it with 100% intensity, the marathoner has to run 28 miles he cannot do that sprinting he has to pace himself probably run at 50% in order to achieve his goal. The sprinter explodes on his muscles runs full steam and within 10 seconds he reaches the other end, maybe heís completely done in, who cares he has achieved his aim, his muscle have to be big, strong and powerful, the more muscle he has the faster he will go, end result is a muscular runner.

Letís take a look at the marathoner, its counter productive for him to be carrying a lot of mass, he too needs to get to the other end in the shortest time possible, if he starts of by sprinting he will soon run out of power and ends up walking, recovers and then he can sprint again only to be walking, so instead, right from the start he runs at 50% of his max power, no explosion nice and steady and a few hours later he is done in too, ends results you get a very lean stringy muscular physique.

If you want to get big train like the sprinter, super high intensity, explode on your muscles, get in get out your workout should not last more than 40 to 50 minutes. Just like the sprinter he cannot run flat out for a long period of time nor can you train at 100% intensity for over an hour.

stick to compound movements, compound exercises is an exercise that invokes lots of muscles at once, for example free weight bench press, here you use not only chest but your triceps, shoulders some back and abs, because you use many muscles at once you can load up the bar nice and heavy creating a lot of intensity. Donít dick around with concentration curls and pissy machine weights if youíre looking to build mass free weight will get you there faster.

Keep it simple train one body part a day 4 to 5 sets per exercise, your rep range should be between 6 and 12. Rest between sets should be fairly short, I use my heart as a guide as soon as it beats normal I hit the next set, Iím not going to squat my next set if itís still pounding from the last one. If you unable to train five day a week you can group a large body part with a small body part like chest and triceps.

Mix it up every week, if you train chest every Monday you donít need to train it with the same exercises, there are probably 30 exercises you can do for chest why train the same 4 or 5 every week, bodybuilding takes years I would get bored training the same way for two or three years the people that do are the ones that quit. Not only do you get bored your muscles adapt very quickly to your routine, there is no new stimulation for them to grow.

Get your self a training partner, some one who has the same mind set as you, no point training with some dude who is trying to improve his cardio for tennis, you need somebody that will push you beyond your limit, a guy thatís in your face, calls you a girl because you canít finish the last rep. I never train as hard by myself, I just canít I will not tempt faith going for a last rep if I struggled on the previous rep.

Training for mass is not rocket science top bodybuilders donít have a secret they train the same way that I have just described above, review your workout if your training for more than an hour your going to look like a marathoner, get in get out who cares if your f#cked after 30 minutes so will your muscles be.