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Thread: Ultimae Fighter Favorite Seasons?

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    Ultimae Fighter Favorite Seasons?

    What are you top 3 or 5 ultimate fighters seasons? What stood out to you about them?
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    I liked the season JDS was on the show cause he was classy. I like Faber vs Cruz cause if there dislike for each other and my favorite season was seeing Griffen vs Bonner in the finale
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    I like this one because the Dillashaw/Garbrant fight is going to be incredible I hope. I havent looked forward to fight this much in a while. I cant stand the bickering and fighting though.

    Edit: BTW I be very, very let down if the hug after the fight

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    The first few season with the first season being the best in my mind. Just because it was raw and new. Overtime it became stagnant and predictable. The last season I fully watched was with Nate Diaz on the show. Which I have no idea what season that was.
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    I felt like the coach challenges were filler material. Dana seemed overly enthusiastic about it. I pulled this guys list off reddit and agree for the most part:

    My favorite season is probably McGregor vs. Faber (Fairly good fighters, McGregor trash talk, and I'm a fan of Faber).

    Other good seasons include:
    1. Bisping & Miller, (because Bisping & Miller mess with each other, also has Dennis Bermudez)
    2. GSP & Koscheck (I like GSP, he also pulls a fast one on Koscheck which was funny)
    3. Season 5 (has some fighters that were reasonably successful, including Joe Lauzon and Nate Diaz)
    4. Season 1 (has some fighters that were reasonably successful, including Kosheck, Florian, Leben, Griffin and Bonnar). Not all that entertaining other than seeing the personalities of the fighters, I prefer the season 3 onward format where there is a tournament style rather than silly challenges.

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