I don't get exercised over many women fighters but the way Zhang disassembled Andrade at Fight Night 157, I can't wait for her next fight. She put on a dirty boxing display against the little Brazilian tank like I've never seen from man nor woman.

Andrade fights like a battleship. A battleship sails straight into harm's way knowing it's going to get blasted but gambling it will give better than it gets. All she throws is haymakers. Doesn't even have a straight jab. Always moving forward, always on the offensive. You'd better hit me, bitch, because I'm coming for you! I thought she was going to steamroll Zhang.

And that strategy worked for her ... right up until she backed Zhang up to the cage. In the next nine seconds Zhang connected with a dozen straight knees and elbows, finally narrowly missing with a knee as Andrade began to try to disengage. With Andrade in full flight, Zhang missed with two more punches before putting the third right on Andrade's chin, which put her on the canvas.

And I don't think Andrade was knocked out, I think she gave up. Look at her posture when she goes to the canvas. That doesn't look like unconsciousness to me, I think she was so overwhelmed by the barrage that Zhang was hitting her with she didn't know whether to shit or go blind. The differences in their heights made the knees Zhang was throwing in the clinch all the more effective but she landed probably 15 out of 20 shots in that final 15 seconds.

I'd never heard of Zhang before the Andrade massacre so I looked up her earlier fights. She's now 20-1, her only loss being a unanimous 2-round decision in China in 2013 in her very first pro fight. She's not so much as been in danger of losing since. From the start she's had furious fists, excellent kicks and good ground. She sometimes gets taken down but never received any real damage on her back. And she has an arm bar that would do Ronda Rousey proud.

And I saw her score one KTFO with a punch and another with an elbow. The only KTFO from punches I'd ever seen in several hundred fights in the UFC women's division was delivered by Jessica Andrade. Zhang has scored two in 21 fights. I watched a fight she had in China when she faced a girl almost a foot taller than her, and she adjusted with a strategy to keep her distance and only close when it was to her advantage. And she won by an arm bar submission. She usually fights pressing the attack but she fought Andrade backing up, so she definitely comes in with a plan and follows it.

So I'm all worked up about her fight with Jedrzejczyk, but I'm not expecting much of a contest. There's no one else at 115 except Andrade and Zhang who has serious knockout power, and Zhang is a seriously well-rounded fighter to boot. The only unknown about Zhang is her endurance. Eleven of her 21 fights were over in the first round, seven ended in the 2nd and three went the distance (but she won all three on unanimous decisions). Just 34 rounds in total. Jedrzejczyk has gone five rounds seven different times so she's fought more rounds in 5-round fights alone than Zhang has in her entire career. She's also fought more rounds in the last three years than Zhang has in her six-year career. Joanna might have a chance if she can get to the championship rounds, but I don't think Zhang plans to let it go that long.