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    Prep for physique comp! HELP 1st show

    Hello everyone.
    So I decided I'm going to compete in June for a physique show. I wanna bring the best package I can to the stage. I just want some feedback and more knowledgable information on the cycle I'm going to run. I have a very good diet going on right now I'm 10 weeks out! I'm running only 100/mg of Tren right now every week for 6 weeks now for a safe cycle and I just did 8 weeks of Decca at 100/mg a week as we'll to give me a nice boost which it did and I have gained 15lbs. I have done my home work and I read up about test prop, EQ, & running var at about 4 weeks out.
    I was thinking if running for the next 10 weeks

    Test prop 150/mg EOD
    EQ 400/mg
    Primo 100/mg
    Var (4-5weeks out) at 50mg a day

    I also had read that Test E is good to run as we'll, was juggling between the prop.

    I'm sitting at 165lbs right now at about 7% bf


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    Primo is too low in my opinion, 400 to 600mg per week would be closer to a decent level..and i am not bog on high doses just Primo is rather weak...prop is ok, EQ is fine as well...var is will be what will get you ready for the show thou not gear, but it does help maintain the muscle mass...what is your diet like?

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