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    coffee and sugar?

    Im trying to get rid of my body fat and see some abs.When I get done working out is coffee ok to drink with 2 tablespoons of sugar?Or is that gonna screw my goal up?I can use a subsstitute but they taste like shit!

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I would think that sugar wouldn't be good, I would use a sugar substitute.

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    The sugar is counterproductive to you achieving your goals. 1 tsp=14 cals. I think one tablespoon equals 3 tsb, right, so you are taking in 84 calories assuming you are talking about level tablespoons. If they are heaping tablespoons doble that and you are consuming 168 calories. It will take you about 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio to burn them off when you could have been burning off fat instead.

    My thoughts: there are worse things in the world you can do, but why? The black coffee will give you a cafine boost and not add any calories. And, as Mr. Trenton suggested there are many low and no calorie alternatives. Try Splenda, looks, tastes, and measures like sugar, but adds no calories. Its available in the USA and much of Western Europe now. If you are not in the USA, look for the local brand name of the chemical "sucralose".
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