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Thread: carbs confusion

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    Thumbs up carbs confusion

    hi everyone, well from what i read, the best time to eat carbs would be first thing in the morning and right after a workout, but they say to always eat some type of carb with protein to get the protein sparing effect.

    Now i wanna cut up, i up my protein to 1g pound of bodyweight, i put some oil in my protein drinks and take 3 a day but they are carb free, am i missing something here????

    I dont mind the diet and yes carbs make my stomach blowted.

    I know that fibrous carbs are better, so should i eat at dinner say mix salade and protein and thats all, and at super too.

    Really confused any help would be good.

    I have cut sugar by taking only one xenedrine a day seems to work fine at this dosage becose it keeps me going all day and i dont wanna take to much of this stuff.

    I wanna keep maximum mass and muscles while getting my stinking gut down from 36 to 34.

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    Edraven I,m not sure what your overall goal is as it appears to change a lot post your whole diet , training and stats in one post with the goals you are trying to achieve and we will see what we can do at the mo I personally can,t remember what all the info is that you have provided.


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    Thumbs up well ok billy boy your right

    my goal is cut my belly and lose the lovehandles, the only thing is that i worked hard to get to 220 pounds natural.

    I have a 36 inch waist that i wanna get ride of and if i can back into my 34 inch.

    I am carb sensitive, i just wanna know how i can get more defined without losing all my muscles and size just to be 180 pounds and 34 inch, becose when i diet down thats what usually happens.

    I lose strengh and size and thats what scares me, this is why i bulk up right away.

    I will be wrestling soon, the trainer said that i am almost ready, now i bough some shorts and when i put them on i got lovehandles that hang from their, looks quit discousting to me.

    This is my ultimate goal, lose the less mass possible while shedding bodyfat

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    I think if you religiously stick the basics that Billy and have outlined you can achiebve that goal edraven. Once agian here are the basic rules:

    - Train with intensity
    - Perform cardio (first thing in the morning on an empty stomach)
    - Keep your protein input high 300g/day (even higher if you drop carbs)
    - Limit carbs to fibrous/complex carbs with the exception of a post workout drink and never eat carbs after 8:00pm
    - Limit fat intake to essential fats
    - Limit sugar intake
    - Use whey protein, glutamine, a multi-vitamin (maybe creatine) and glucosomine
    - Consider an OTC ECA mimicker when your fat loss slows down
    Good Luck bro

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    I agree with Pete except on one point.... When cutting, you should never carb up b4 or after your workout.... or at least one hour after your session....keep the calories burning... then maybe have a protein drink with very few carbs one hour after .... good luck

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