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    protien intake frequency

    i know that eating every 3 hours on avg is ideal to keep nitrogen balance in the body so that it does not become catabolic...instead of taking 2 50g whey shakes in the day would it be in any way better to split it up into 4 whey shakes of 25g? reasoning behind is that whey digests quicker then real food so this would maintain more of a balance.... just had it on my mind any opinions

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    If it is like something like this that you have in mind...I would give it a try and see if i notice a difference...let us know

    so a sample day would be like this
    3 hrs

    -With whey protein, it will take only 20 minutes before almost all of what you have consumed is coursing through your veins. Somewhere between 20-40 minutes, the level of amino acids in your blood has reached its high point. With in the hour it will have gone through the various metabolic processes, either protein synthesis, or oxidation. 11,12,13,14

    -So with whey protein, it will take only 40 minutes for blood levels of amino acids and protein synthesis to reach a peak, and in about an hour they will come back to normal after a single feeding of protein. 5,14 This is amazingly fast in comparison to its counter part casein or even whole food.

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