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Thread: Bulking Diet...

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    Bulking Diet...

    This year i didn t put my foot in the gym due to some problems and i lost about 10kg of muscle.
    The real problem now is that in the past my mom prepared everything for me so all i really had to do was to sit my ass at the table and eat...and now i have to do everything myself.
    In the past i tried to take before training Weider MegaMass 4000 with milk and it worked great for me (i said before ,not after).It worked as good as a steak and potatoes.Now who the hell has time to get up at 6am to peal potatoes,seriously

    Do you think that it would be a good idea to take that supplement with milk before training and some amino acids,after training some protein shake and 4-5 meals during the day?

    p.s. i have 82kg and 1.85m (the avatar is from one year ago at 92kg)
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    lol im not telling :D
    before training i drink a whey/oat shake much more effective for me.
    not a big fan of milk but yes pre workout would be ideal since its casein protein which is longer lasting to help maintain a positive nitrogen ballance and help prevent any type of catabolism that could occur during your training session

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