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    Cooking with Protien

    Hey Guys,
    A while back there was a post where someone asked if cooking with protien powders had any effect on the properties of the protien content. There was some very good responses and although I had several reciepes that incorporrated protien powders, I had never thought to consider the denaturing propertites that high temperatures may have on protien celluar structure. I spoke with several different chefs who although were vague about the denaturing concept assured me that they did not think it affects the protien at all.The response were so good to that post I spoke of above that they got me to thinking and I did a little research. Most bakers who use protien in bread use GLUTEN. It is a wheat protien so it is considered a no-no for people with wheat allergies and it is known to have a interesting effect on baked goods. Yeast doughs rise more evenly and fuller thus many bakers use yeast inplace of Gluten. I've still got the question posted on several cooking sites that I am a member of and I'll keep checking in the book stores to see if I run across anything specific on this topic to post.
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