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    Arrow about nine weeks out of comp diet

    IM 5'8 180 and 8% bf which was taken a about 3 day ago. Im about 9 weeks out of a natural show. what do you guys think??

    meal 1: cut Oatmeal and cup of egg whites (54 carbs about 26 protein)

    meal2: Can of tuna table spoon of natural pb and veggies (about 32.5g of protein)

    meal 3: Chicken breast and 1/2 cup of oatmeal (23g protein 27g of carbs)

    meal 4: same as meal 2

    meal 5: (after the gym) 2 scoops of whey 46g protein and 100g dextrose

    meal 6: chicken breast 1/2 cup of oatmeal (23g protein 27g carbs)

    meal 7: cup of egg whites and brocolie (about 26g protein)

    meal 8: can of tuna with some turkey (about 42g of protein)

    Total protein is about 250 or a lil more...carbs are about 215 fat is 16g from the penut butter and whatever lil fat there is in chicken and tuna.

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    I would say total calories are about 2000 give more than take

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    Look behind you.
    I doubt it's really that low in kcals. It would help if you could provide solid macros for each meal. Try Can't do much without that. But I will say your fats look much too low.

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